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We stop at nothing to provide the industry’s best bridge inspections and assessments, whether that means exploiting the latest technology or rappelling from impossible heights. Our field staff has been inspecting highways and railroad bridges well before the establishment of governing regulations and mandates. We diagnose ailments with instrumentation and testing, predict structural behavior with strain gauge sensors, and use technical and rope access to reduce the cost of inspections and their impact on travelers.

Technical & Rope Access Inspection

We are well‐versed in technical and rope access methods for inspection. With the completion of our most recent training, we now have 26 individuals active in the Technical Access (TA) program, including seven supervisors. TA work is used by M&M as an alternative method for inspection of bridges and other structures. Unlike traditional bridge inspection methods that require heavy equipment and operators, TA inspection is performed by an individual using specialized equipment and techniques typically used by rock and mountain climbers. TA minimizes and/or eliminates the need for rail service interruptions, aerial lifts, “snooper” vehicles and traditional rigging. It offers the client savings in inspection time and overall cost, and prevents bridge users from incurring interrupted service during the inspection process.

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