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The Trestle Inspection and Evaluation

The Trestle is an abandoned railroad structure acquired by the Great Rivers Greenway (GRG) for proposed future repurposing as an outdoor attraction and bicycle and pedestrian byway. The steel viaduct portion of The Trestle has a total length of approximately 3,975 feet. The goal of this project is to maintain this structure and preserve it for future use as part of a planned pedestrian trail. Funding is still being sought to make the future greenway facility a reality.

This project focused on the portion of The Trestle between North 10th Street and 2nd Street. This segment consists of forty-three bents with simply supported two-girder spans, thirty-three of which were inspected. M&M provided guidance on measures needed to protect the structure from further deterioration and on the feasibility for its intended use when the project becomes funded.

M&M was retained by Access Engineering to perform a condition inspection and evaluation of the lower substructure. Engineering services included providing condition inspection services, a condensed structural evaluation, and development of repair recommendations. Existing structural plans were reviewed prior to the inspection and many span and member dimensions were verified.

Bridge Geometry
Total Project Length 3,975 feet
Features on Structure Future Pedestrian and Bicycle Byway