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Washington, DC Citywide Bridge Inspection Program

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The vision of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is an ambitious one: to design, operate and maintain the transportation system of our nation’s capital to world class standards. It is a monumental task, considering the system’s location. Washington, DC is one of the nation’s most congested areas, second only to Los Angeles. Integral to that vision is a strategy to inspect, at the necessary frequencies, each of the more than 240 highway bridges.  The scope of that plan required a program that could successfully maintain every structure to those high standards. The bridge population includes a multitude of structural designs and considerations: fixed and movable bridges, historic and iconic bridges, interstate and local bridges. 
Our commitment to DDOT required frequent bridge inspections. To satisfy our client’s specifications that there would be no lapses, our plans called for significant bridge inspection staffing to complete the tasks. The scope of our work also included comprehensive planning and coordination with traffic control, access equipment, railroads and other specialty subcontractors and stakeholders to ensure all schedules would be met. We developed standardized digital report formats to minimize report development time. During the development of the contract, we have been asked to digitize their bridge plan sets, inspect and analyze parking garage decks, evaluate bridges for scour, develop temporary supports for deficient components, and develop repair drawings to correct deficiencies uncovered during inspections. 
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Modjeski and Masters provided the expertise necessary to inspect a wide variety of structure types while minimizing traffic disruptions and coordinating with a diverse set of stakeholders to deliver the inspections and reports within the agreed upon schedule.