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Metro Systemwide Inspections

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Modjeski and Masters performs routine inspections of the Eads Bridge (annually), the Union Station Tunnel (annually), and the Metro Downtown Tunnel (biannually). Inspections are performed in accordance with Metro’s Standard for Structures Inspection and Maintenance Manual. During the first inspections in 2005, M&M developed the inspection databases. Databases are updated for current deficiencies and inspection reports are prepared during each inspection cycle.

The Eads Bridge consists of three steel trussed arch main spans with stone arch approach arcades and various steel multi-girder approach spans.The structure carries vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the upper deck maintained by the City of St. Louis, and commuter rail traffic on the lower deck maintained by Metro. Inspections include the rail deck and its supporting members.

The Downtown Tunnel is a double-chamber tunnel consisting of sandstone, brick masonry, and concrete components with a station at each end and two intermediate stations. 

The Union Station Tunnel consists of a steel segment, a concrete ceiling slab segment with drop panels supported by concrete columns, and a two-cell reinforced concrete box tunnel. 

Bridge Geometry
Eads Bridge 4,014 total structure length
Union Station Tunnel 1,055 total stucture length
Downtown Tunnel 4,460 total structure length