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Veterans Memorial Bridge Inspection

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The Veterans Memorial Bridge carries U.S. Route 22 across the Ohio River. Planning for the new bridge began in 1961, but construction would not be completed until 1990. More than 25 years later, WVDOH remains committed to maintenance. The bridge, supporting 30,000 vehicles daily, consists of two continuous cable stayed suspension spans and four continuous welded plate girder spans.

Our bridge inspection experts have performed inspection services, per the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS), since 2012. Specific services provided include bridge inspection, opening of anchorages and full length technical and rope access (TARA) inspection of stays. In total, Modjeski &Masters certified bridge inspectors and TARA team inspect all 52 stay cables, including rope rappels of the exterior tower faces from top to bottom on all four sides. Traditional under-bridge equipment was used to inspect floor system components. Cable vibration testing, evaluation of dampers and design or emergency support are performed as necessary.

For more information, see our project documentary film on YouTube:

Bridge Geometry
Length of Main Span 820 feet
Total Project Length 1,965 feet
Lanes on Structure Six lanes

We can get down the cables full length and can do it far more efficiently than conventional equipment.

-Mike Januszkiewicz, PE, TARA Coordinator and Associate, Modjeski and Masters, Inc.