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Clark Bridge Inspection

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The Clark Bridge is a cable-stayed structure with multi-girder approaches carrying four lanes of US 67 over the Mississippi River with a total length of 4,620 feet. The bridge provides an important connection between Alton, Illinois and West Alton, Missouri and is the northernmost crossing in the St. Louis greater metropolitan area. 

M&M performed routine NBIS safety and fracture critical member inspection and element level data collection and reporting. An underwater inspection consisting of depth recordings of the channel surrounding the river piers was also included. These services were provided under a various-various open-end type contract.    

The inspection utilized technical access rappelling of the towers and cables. M&M inspectors used directional rappelling techniques to lower themselves along the length of the stay cables and standard rappelling techniques to inspect the exterior faces of the towers. Technical rope access allowed M&M to reach areas standard access equipment cannot reach with minimal impact to the traveling public.

Bridge Geometry
Total Project Length 4,620 feet
Lanes on Structure Four lanes