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Joliet Bascule Bridges Centralized Control

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Modjeski and Masters provided engineering services to implement centralized control capabilities for six movable bridges that cross the Des Plaines River in Joliet, Illinois. 

With this upgrade, the bridges can be centrally operated from three new operator stations in the IDOT Bridge Office building.

The project scope included improvements to the IDOT Bridge Office building, individual bridge control and monitoring system upgrades, design of dedicated fiber optic communications networks, and installation of wireless backup network equipment.

For the IDOT Bridge Office building, the project provided interior renovations to create space for three bridge operator stations including mechanical HVAC work, restroom renovations, new lighting, replacing the existing electrical system, and installing operator desks and centralized monitoring equipment. Supporting work on the building exterior and electrical service included installation of entrance door access control, and the installation of a new building electric utility service, backup diesel generator, and automatic transfer switch.

New automated control systems, CCTV camera systems, and related systems were provided for each movable bridge. These systems were designed for primary centralized control from the IDOT Bridge Office building while retaining the ability to locally operate each bridge from the bridge’s operator house.

Bridge Geometry
Jefferson Street Bridge 168 ft
Jackson Street Bridge 166 ft
Cass Street Bridge 174 ft
Ruby Street Bridge 257 ft
Brandon Road Bridge 151 ft
McDonough Street Bridge 174 ft