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Charlevoix Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation

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The US 31 Island Lake Outlet (aka “Charlevoix”) Bridge is a double-leaf bascule bridge in downtown Charlevoix, Michigan, that carries U.S. Route 31 (US 31, Bridge Street) across Island Lake Outlet. It was completed in 1949 and features 45-foot bascule leaves for a total channel width of 90 feet.

M&M was initially contracted by MDOT to perform a detailed structural, mechanical, and electrical inspection of the structure. This work was part of a larger open-end inspection contract in which M&M inspected movable bridges across Michigan. Other work for this contract included around-the-clock response to troubleshoot malfunctioning movable bridge systems and scheduled in-depth inspections of particular bridge components.

M&M was then contracted to repair the rolling lift girders and replace the submarine cable for the bridge. Work included track and tread repair for the rolling lift girders, installing a new submarine cable, integrating a new far side PLC based control with the near side relay-based controller, and permitting assistance.

Preservation of this historic structure continues to be a high priority for MDOT. M&M’s successful efforts to maintain this critical link will help ensure reliable service life for many years to come.

Bridge Geometry
Length of Main Span 90 feet
Total Project Length 100 ft
Lanes on Structure 4 lanes, 2 pedestrian sidewalks