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Blossomland Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation

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The original Blossomland (M-63) Bridge was built in 1949. The existing main span is a 164-foot Scherzer double-leaf rolling bascule and the six approach spans consist of steel multi-girder cross sections. The total bridge length is 712-feet. The existing bridge is 44 ft. from curb-to-curb and carries four lanes of vehicular traffic with 5 ft. sidewalks on each side.

The M&M-led rehabilitation of this St. Joseph River Bascule Bridge (and the I-94BL Bicentennial Bridge) consisted of mechanical, electrical, and structural rehabilitation design. The design team developed detailed contract documents including design drawings and project specific special provisions to address the detailed requirements for rehabilitation. Maintenance and protection of traffic was of critical importance throughout the duration of this project and was successfully accomplished through careful design planning and execution by the entire project team. The detailed narrative description of services rendered by M&M for Detailed Design and Construction Supervision includes movable bridge inspection; Preliminary & Final Design, and; Services During Construction.

The bridge was opened to traffic in 2018 and is currently in service.

Bridge Geometry
Length of Main Span 164 feet
Total Project Length 712 feet
Lanes on Structure 4 lanes, 2 pedestrian sidewalks