Portageville Bridge Replacement

The existing Portageville Bridge, built in 1875, is a 820-ft long steel viaduct crossing the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park. Norfolk Southern needed a more reliable, long-term, and equally iconic solution to this aging link in their Southern Tier Route, all while minimally impacting rail traffic.

After performing an inspection and rating to confirm the near-exhausted service life of the structure, Modjeski and Masters (M&M) developed conceptual replacement designs that were showcased through a Visual Impacts Analysis. Each alternative design used an adjacent parallel alignment to maintain rail traffic throughout the construction process. M&M then performed preliminary and final design services for the selected long span steel arch bridge, which would both minimally impact the environment and serve demands of Class 1 Heavy Freight for many years. M&M is now performing support services during the construction of the iconic new structure.

Bridge Geometry
Existing Typical Truss Span Length 100 feet
New Main Arch Span Length 483 feet
Total Project Length 819 feet
Tracks on Structure One railroad track

We recognized that the bridge was at the end of its life, but look forward to the next generation bridge to be just as iconic.

- Public Involvement Participant