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New Knoxville Pedestrian Bridge

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As a main subconsultant, M&M has been selected by the City of Knoxville to design a new, 700-foot-long pedestrian bridge. The bridge will allow the city and the University of Tennessee to expand opportunities for student housing and commercial development by connecting the two sides of the Tennessee River at this key location.

M&M’s work started with a conceptual concrete arch design produced a decade ago. Work began with a value engineering study to evaluate the use of a steel arch in lieu of the conceptual concrete arch. The biggest anticipated benefit of the material switch is the smaller foundations, and therefore impacts, particularly on the north side of the river, where the bridge touches down adjacent to a critical roadway. A cost estimate was developed to compare with the estimated cost of the preliminary structure type concept.

Design work is ongoing with anticipated completion later in 2024.

Bridge Geometry
Length of Main Span 700 Feet
Total Project Length 1,000 Feet
Lanes on Structure One Pedestrian Sidewalk

The bridge will be an iconic design element that also complements UT Campus, the city’s skyline as a river city, and nearby buildings.