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Modjeski and Masters releases Ralph & Frank's Road Trip

MECHANICSBURG, PA | In honor of the the firm's 130th anniversary, Modjeski and Masters is excited to share Ralph & Frank's Road Trip, the firm's first-ever video game. Ralph & Frank's Road Trip is a stylized single-player computer game that takes users on a virtual road trip to explore some the most iconic bridges designed by Modjeski and Masters. 

Users embark on their road trip from the firm’s corporate headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. From there, the user controls a camper van to explore a pocket-sized version of the United States filled with 10 iconic bridges and all 16 Modjeski and Masters office locations. At each bridge, users will view a postcard that gives a brief history and interesting facts about the bridge. The mission is simple: collect a stamp at each bridge to complete the road trip. 

“Think about the last time you took a road trip. You likely crossed a bridge along the way, and often these bridges become symbols of their cities. Bridges not only provide safe crossings, they also connect families, friends, and communities. We take pride in helping facilitate those connections,” said President and CEO Michael Britt.  “As we celebrate our company’s 130th year in business, we wanted to offer individuals the opportunity to experience some our most renowned bridges. We invite you to enjoy these structures and learn more about them from wherever you are.”  

Ralph & Frank’s Road Trip was created and programmed using Unreal Engine 5. The game’s 3D assets were created in Autodesk Maya and its 2D elements were produced in Adobe Photoshop. Developed by Modjeski and Masters in-house 3D artist, the game is a testament to the firm’s artistic rendering capabilities available to clients. 

The game is free and available to play at