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Modjeski and Masters Acquires Flanders Engineering Group, Inc.

JACKSONVILLE, FL | Modjeski and Masters today announced its acquisition of structural engineering firm Flanders Engineering Group, Inc. Flanders is a trusted leader in electrical power and control engineering and structure balance engineering for the movable bridge industry. Through the strategic acquisition, Modjeski and Masters will be able to deepen its movable bridge expertise and expand its presence in Florida.

“Flanders has successfully provided their clients with reliable and ​​practical design solutions for over 20 years,” said Mike Britt, president and CEO of Modjeski and Masters. “By joining forces with such a trusted company, this acquisition will help us elevate our client base and better compete for movable bridge work across the globe. We are steadfast in our commitment to better serving our clients by complementing and building upon the services we already offer, and the resources and knowledge from the Flanders team will be a great asset to our work nationwide.”

Headquartered in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area, Flanders has successfully completed hundreds of major movable bridge projects across the country. By utilizing state of the art equipment and custom software to deliver reliable services and structure information, its expert engineering staff provides services in bridge balancing, construction integration and coordination, design, and inspection. Flanders operates in all 50 states, excelling in building client relationships by providing meticulous engineering work.

“The Flanders team is excited to embark on this next journey by uniting our depth of movable bridge expertise with the hugely and long-standing success of the team at Modjeski and Masters,” said Jeffrey Flanders, president and Chief Engineer at Flanders Engineering Group, Inc. “By combining both teams’ engineering capabilities, technical skill sets, and unwavering focus on client service, we will continue to exceed expectations for the services we provide and results we bring to Florida and beyond.”

Flanders’ most recent projects include annual and routine inspections of all Florida Department of Transportation-District 2 movable bridges, construction services and bridge balancing for the SR5/US1 Federal Highway Bridge replacement, Control System Integration services for the Southern Boulevard Bridge replacement, and several other projects in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. The acquisition allows Flanders Engineering Group to retain its own identity—with Jeff Flanders taking on the role of senior project manager in the Movable Bridge Business Unit (MBBU)—where he will focus efforts on winning projects for his office while helping the unit establish themselves throughout Florida.

As a result of the acquisition, Flanders is a wholly owned subsidiary of Modjeski and Masters, and will become Flanders Engineering Group, a Modjeski and Masters company.

About Modjeski and Masters

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