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Modjeski and Masters Promotes Engineers Across Firm

MECHANICSBURG, PA | Modjeski and Masters, a nationwide leader in the design, inspection, and rehabilitation of all bridge types, including long-span and movable structures, today announced the promotion of several employees to various leadership roles within the firm.

Jerilyn Hassard, PE, SE and Jason Doughty, PE have been promoted to Vice President. 

Jerilyn joined M&M in 1998 and has served in various leadership roles on design projects. She also serves as the Assistant Regional Director for the Mid-America Structures Business Unit. Jason began his career at M&M in the Poughkeepsie office in 1997. He led the start-up of the Raleigh office and serves as Director of the Raleigh Structures Business Unit.

Cullen Ledet, PE has been appointed as New Orleans Regional Director and Rich Jackson, PE has been appointed as Delaware Valley Regional Director. 

Cullen joined M&M in 2002 and is a senior project manager. He now will also assume the position of Regional Director of the New Orleans Office. Rich joined M&M in 2000 and leads fixed and movable projects in the Delaware Valley Region. He has been appointed as Regional Director of the Delaware Valley Business Unit.

Dan McCaffrey, Chris Smith, Anthony Schoenecker, Rachel Mertz, and Brad Croop have been promoted to Senior Project Manager. 

Dan joined M&M in 2002 and is the Assistant Director of the National Bridge Business Unit where he manages complex design and rehab. projects for suspension, truss, and arch bridges. Chris joined M&M in 1999 and is the Assistant Regional Director of the PA Structures Business Unit, managing design, rehabilitation, and load rating of various bridge types.

Anthony joined M&M in 2009 and is the Southeast Regional Manager for the Field Services Business Unit. He is a certified bridge safety inspector, TA supervisor, and UAV Remote Pilot. Rachel joined M&M in 1998 and manages analysis, load capacity ratings, and design for bridges of various sizes, as well as numerous major river bridge rehabilitations.

Brad joined M&M in 2002 as a field services engineer. He is a certified bridge safety inspector and technical access supervisor, overseeing the Mechanicsburg Field Services section.

Andy Adams, Chris LeRose, Nick Nemec, and Jared Weisman have been promoted to Project Manager.

Andy joined M&M in 2009 and works on complex bridge designs, rehabilitations, and emergency response projects as part of the National Bridge Business Unit. Chris joined M&M in 2018 after spending the first part of his career at the WVDOH. He manages highway and lighting engineering projects for the Charleston Structures Business Unit.

Nick began at M&M three years ago and was instrumental in the start-up of M&M’s Austin, TX office. He is a client manager for key clients in the Austin Region. Jared joined M&M in 2010 and works on a variety of fixed and movable bridge projects for highway and rail out of the Washington, D.C. office.

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