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Modjeski and Masters Promotes Engineers Across Firm

MECHANICSBURG, PA | Modjeski and Masters, a nationwide leader in the design, inspection, and rehabilitation of all bridge types, including long-span and movable structures, today announced the promotion of several employees to various leadership roles within the firm.

Kevin Johns has been appointed to Vice President and will retain his role as Movable Bridge Business Unit Director. Johns joined the firm in 1998 and has gained extensive experience on all types of railroad and highway movable bridges, including vertical lift, swing and bascule. Within the past five years, he has served as either project manager or task leader on 28 movable bridge projects—eight of which had a construction cost of over $100 million. In his new role, Johns will provide valuable input and strategic direction for both the Movable Bridges Business Unit and the firm at large.

Christopher Ahlskog has been promoted to Technical Manager. Since joining the firm in 1998, Ahlskog has mastered structural analysis, load rating, and both the design of new bridges and the rehabilitation of existing bridges—including highway, railroad, and movable bridge structures. He also has expertise in routine bridge and maintenance inspections spanning many different construction projects. In his new role, he will coordinate welding-related reviews and provide guidance for welding in design projects across the firm.

Shawn Brannon, Daniel Irwin, and Matthew Miller have been promoted to Project Manager.

Brannon joined the firm in 2003 and works in the Field Service Business Unit. NBIS-certified and an element-level inspector, he specializes in the design of fixed bridges, bridge inspections and rehabilitations, truss structures, structural analysis, roadway design, sediment and erosion control design, and construction inspection and monitoring. In his new role, he will be managing and coordinating the West Virginia Division of Highway projects for the Charleston, WV office, as well as expanding the firm’s footprint in the West Virginia area.

Irwin joined Modjeski and Masters in 2003 and works in the Railroad Business Unit. He has experience in the analysis, design, rehabilitation, and rating of movable, long span, and fixed highway and railroad bridges. In his new role, Irwin will rely on his extensive experience to help build upon the firm’s reputation as an industry leader in railroad bridge design.

Miller joined the firm in 2011 and works in the southeast region of the Field Service Business Unit. As a NBIS-certified bridge inspector, he has been the team leader on numerous movable, long-span, steel, and timber bridge inspection projects. In his new role, he will continue leading the New Orleans Field Services’ Construction Engineering and Inspection group, as well as help expand Modjeski and Masters’ construction services offering.

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