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An Innovation in Concrete Standards

MECHANICSBURG, PA | We live and work in an era of “do more with less.” While state and federal transportation funds remain at a premium, roadways, bridges and other critical infrastructure continue to age. Growing population trends and the constant affects of Mother Nature exact a heavy toll on these systems.

It’s at this confluence of circumstances (the need to maintain and improve infrastructure with reduced funds) that the engineering and construction industries must be at their best. There is no alternative to not do the important work of keeping America safely moving.

The answer lies in creating new technologies and techniques to complete projects faster, more efficiently and more cost consciously.

We’ve made steps to that end by developing new spliced post-tensioned concrete U-girder standards that were recently approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Engineers, contractors and owners now have a new method available to deliver projects on time and on budget.

With the economies of concrete being what they are at the moment, these standards can help budget-conscious organizations do more with less. They also assist in accelerating construction, meaning less interruption to the general public. They are derived from standards, best practices and lessons learned from design and construction projects that Summit Engineering Group, a Modjeski and Masters subsidiary, has successfully completed in Texas, Florida, Colorado and other states.

It’s innovations like this that keeps Modjeski and Masters on the cutting edge. We understand the constraints of the current business environment and are working on solutions that will benefit engineers, contractors, owners and the public.