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Kanawha Trestle Rail-to-Trail Conversion

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  • Client:

    Friends of the Kanawha Trestle
  • Service:

    Highways & Other
  • Status:

    In Progress
  • Overview

    Building safer, healthier, more livable communities. Preserving culture and history. And restoring civic pride. These are the goals of the Friends of the Kanawha Trestle. At the center of their plan for connecting residents of the Kanawha Valley is the conversion of two historic railroad bridges for pedestrian usage. One of these bridges, The Kanawha Trestle, spans the Kanawha River and is the vital link in the project. That’s why Modjeski and Masters, as a trusted and experienced bridge engineering firm, is helping develop alternatives for the Kanawha Trestle crossing.

    The conversion, a sustainable practice known simply as ‘rails-to-trails,’ involves the replacement of the railroad tracks with a pedestrian walkway. To begin, our technical experts needed to ensure the safety of the existing structure. Modjeski and Masters’ knowledgeable field engineers performed an inspection of the deck level and truss chords for the entire length of structure, including ultra-sonic testing of several truss pins. The results of the inspection were then utilized to study the feasibly of converting the bridge for pedestrian use. Next, our creative technicians developed composite renderings to help stakeholders visualize the preferred concept. The future bridge, complete with a central viewing promenade, is the pivotal structure necessary to connect the Mound in South Charleston to the State Capitol.

    Still in the funding stages, the promise of linking local places of work, learning and play has peaked regional interest. The Friends of the Kanawha Trestle believe that trails and greenways connect people to their neighbors by creating common ground for interaction – Modjeski and Masters agrees. We help construct and maintain great bridges that connect the people and communities they serve.

    Some services for this project provided as a subsconsultant to Floyd Browne Group.
  • Description

    Tasks Performed
    • Rehabilitation Inspection
    • Conceptual Design
    • Ultrasonic Testing of Bridge Pins
    • Design Visualization
    • Green Engineering
    Bridge Geometry
    • Length of Main Span – 415 feet
    • Total Project Length – 4,200 feet
    • Lanes on Structure – Pedestrian Walkway
  • Testimonial

    “This project will take an unused railway and convert it into a wonderful trail for all West Virginians to enjoy, eventually stretching from the Mound in South Charleston to the Capitol Complex. And it will enable people to stroll across the beautiful Kanawha River without the rumblings and shakings caused by vehicular traffic. What a great addition to Charleston’s waterfront and surrounding communities.” - U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D-WV
  • Credits

    Dr. John M. Kulikci, PE (Principal-In-Charge)
    Jason E. Schade, PE (Project Manager)
    R. Shawn Brannon, PE (Project Engineer / Bridge Inspector)