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Veterans Memorial Bridge Technical Access Inspection

| Weirton, WV

  • Client:

    West Virginia Division of Highways
  • Service:

    Field Services
  • Status:

    In Progress
  • Overview

    YouTube Clip:  Cable Inspection Using Technical Climbing

    The Veterans Memorial Bridge carries U.S. Route 22 across the Ohio River. Planning for the new bridge began in 1961, but construction would not be completed until 1990. Nearly 20 years later, WVDOH remains committed to maintenance, turning to trusted partner Modjeski and Masters to help inspect their vital asset.

    The bridge, supporting 30,000 vehicles daily, consists of two continuous cable stayed suspension spans and four continuous welded plate girder spans. Beginning in 2012, our bridge inspection experts will perform inspection services, per the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS), over the next six years. Specific services to be provided include bridge inspection, opening of anchorages and full length technical and rope access (TARA) inspection of stays. In total, M&M’s certified bridge inspectors and TARA team will inspect all 52 stay cables, including rope rappels of the exterior tower faces from top to bottom on all four sides. Traditional under-bridge equipment was utilized to inspect floor system components. Cable vibration testing, evaluation of dampers and design or emergency support will be performed as necessary.

    This project builds upon our growing portfolio of WVDOH inspection experience. These include the Phill G. McDonald Bridge, the Bigley CBD Bridges, the Jennings Randolph Bridges, Nick Joe Rahall II Bridge, the Man Bridges, William S. Ritchie, Jr. Bridge, the East Huntington Bridge, the 35th and 36st Street Bridges and a number of smaller bridges.
  • Description

    Tasks Performed
    • NBIS Inspection
    • Technical Access and Rope Access (TARA)
    • Instrumentation & Testing

    Bridge Geometry
    • Length of Main Span – 820 feet
    • Total Project Length – 1,965 feet
    • Lanes on Structure – Six lanes
  • Testimonial

    "We can get down the cables full length and can do it far more efficiently than conventional equipment." - - Mike Januszkiewicz, PE, TARA Coordinator and Associate, Modjeski and Masters, Inc.
  • Credits

    Todd McMeans, PE (Project Principal)
    Jason Schade, PE (Project Manager)
    Michael Januszkiewicz, PE (Inspection Team Leader)
    Thomas Rogers, PE (Inspection Team Leader)
    David Barrett, PE (Inspection Team Leader)
    Isaac Chapman, EIT (Bridge Inspector)
    Joseph Neeley (Bridge Inspector)
    Seth Darley, EIT (Bridge Inspector)
    Eric Harbeson, EIT (Bridge Inspector)
    Katrena Parsons, PE (Bridge Inspector)
    Rhen Bentsel, EIT (Bridge Inspector)
    Todd Dankmyer, PE (Bridge Inspector)
    William Bolt, EIT (Bridge Inspector)
    Austin Kieffer, EIT (Bridge Inspector)
    Daniel McCaffrey, PE (Bridge Inspector)
    Rex Blake (Bridge Inspector)
    Adam Harless (Technician)