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Modjeski and Masters is pleased to announce the acquisition of structural engineering firm Summit Engineering Group, Inc. Our combined engineering prowess and respective technical skillsets will enable us to provide streamlined design and construction solutions to best meet client needs.

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M&M to Lead Benjamin Franklin Bridge Inspection and Ratings

03/19/2018 |

M&M to Lead Benjamin Franklin Bridge Inspection and Ratings PHILADELPHIA, PA | Modjeski and Masters today announced its selection for the 2018 Biennial Inspection of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA). This historic structure features a 1,750 ft. main suspended span and is over 9,500 ft. in total length.

As the prime consultant for this contract, Modjeski and Masters will perform a close, visual, hands-on inspection of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge facility in 2018. The goal is to update the condition of all fracture-critical members and fatigue-sensitive evaluations. Modjeski and Masters will also write a bridge-specific load rating manual for the bridge, as well as perform a subsequent load rating on the bridge according to that manual.

“This project and the bridge in general is particularly special to our firm. Back in the 1920s, our founder, Ralph Modjeski, led the original design and construction effort, and now, in our 125th year, we’re proud to continue his work on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge,” said Mike Britt, President and CEO of Modjeski and Masters. “Having served Philadelphia and New Jersey for almost a century, we recognize the importance of this iconic structure, and look forward to continuing our work with DRPA.”

Modjeski and Masters will kick off the bridge inspections later this month and is scheduled to deliver the final report to DRPA in December 2018. The firm has more than 90 years of experience working with DRPA, beginning with Ralph Modjeski’s design of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and most recently with the 2016 inspection of the Walt Whitman Bridge.

For more information on Modjeski and Masters’ work on this and other suspension bridges, please visit: http://www.modjeski.com/projects/search-results.aspx?service=Suspension#basic

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