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Movable Bridges

Movable bridges present design and engineering challenges far different from those of fixed bridges. Beginning in 1893, with the approach and swing design for a Mississippi River crossing, Modjeski and Masters has made moveable bridges their specialty. We start each project with a careful analysis of its unique demands. Then we develop a solution that takes full advantage of our integrated structural, electrical and mechanical disciplines. After completion, Modjeski and Masters continues to serve our clients as an active partner in maintaining the future safety and operating reliability of moveable bridges.

  • Bascule Bridges

    Descendent from the medieval drawbridge, modern bascule bridges are essential for sustaining seafaring economies.  Single or double leaf, these movable bridges are mainstays for wherever commercial vessels intersect with land-based transportation.

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  • Swing Bridges

    Our first ever bridge design was the Government Bridge – a swing bridge at Rock Island, Illinois. And since its construction was completed in 1893, we've helped keep it in service to this day. We’ve since been trusted to provide design and lifecycle engineering for many swing bridge owners.

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  • Vertical Lift Bridges

    Vertical lift bridges rely on the precise alignment of moving parts, yet deliver robust strength at great span lengths. Modjeski and Masters has experience in the lifecycle engineering of these movable waterway connections.

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Modjeski and Masters is recognized as one of the world’s leading bridge engineering firms. Our technical expertise in bridge design, inspection and rehabilitation sets the standards for the rest of the industry to follow. We offer our clients a full range of services, including fixed bridge design, movable bridge design, bridge inspection services, highways and interchanges, bridge research, vessel collision evaluation and design, bridge code development, bridge modeling and bridge design visualization. We are committed to building relationships with our clients that continue throughout the life cycle of a bridge. For more information, contact the Modjeski and Masters office closest to you.


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