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Field Services

Modjeski and Masters provides the industry’s most reliable bridge inspections and assessments. With every bridge service we offer, we apply our extensive technical knowledge and experience, giving our clients a complete understanding of the scope of a bridge repair and maintenance strategy. Whether it’s utilizing the latest in computer technology, or training our field personnel in climbing and rappelling, Modjeski and Masters will do everything necessary to assure that the bridge’s safety, and the safety of the people who use it, is never compromised.

  • Bridge Inspection

    When it comes to bridge inspection, Modjeski and Masters’ experience is vast. Our knowledgeable field staff has been inspecting highway and railroad bridges for decades – even before the NBIS inspection program. As a matter of fact, our firm participated in forensic work related to the tragic event which led to the birth of the NBIS inspection program - the 1967 Silver Bridge Collapse. It’s one of the ways that we remain committed beyond completion.

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  • Instrumentation and Testing

    Instrumentation and testing provides an extra level of confidence for evaluating bridge condition and behavior. It is an added value that translates into security for the owner. M&M’s experienced field staff utilizes instrumentation and testing to effectively diagnose ailing bridge components. Our Level I and II UT-certified inspectors regularly conduct testing of bridge pins, gussets, and other components. In addition, magnetic particle testing equipment and liquid dye penetrant kits are stocked for each bridge inspection to verify suspected cracking in metalwork. And strain gauge instrumentation can verify predicted structural behavior from analysis models. This, in turn, aids in predicting the remaining service life of a bridge. Experience, applied innovation, and trusted results – our hallmarks for maintaining great bridges.

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  • Technical & Rope Access

    Modjeski and Masters has pioneered the use of technical and rope access for bridge inspections. Our innovative approach is used as an alternative to “snooper” trucks for bridge inspection by means of gear and techniques typically used by rock climbers. This zero-impact inspection technique eliminates the need for traffic control on the bridge deck.  It offers our clients value in reduced inspection time and cost.  It also offers the public uninterrupted travel. And we offer the depth and capacity of fully-trained inspection units to deploy at a moment’s notice. It’s another way that we help our clients maintain great bridges.

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Modjeski and Masters is recognized as one of the world’s leading bridge engineering firms. Our technical expertise in bridge design, inspection and rehabilitation sets the standards for the rest of the industry to follow. We offer our clients a full range of services, including fixed bridge design, movable bridge design, bridge inspection services, highways and interchanges, bridge research, vessel collision evaluation and design, bridge code development, bridge modeling and bridge design visualization. We are committed to building relationships with our clients that continue throughout the life cycle of a bridge. For more information, contact the Modjeski and Masters office closest to you.


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