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Emergency Response

No one knows when the next bridge accident will occur, but authorities need to have a well-formulated plan in place if and when it does occur. For many communities, an important part of that plan is to call Modjeski and Masters. With our extensive knowledge of bridge design and engineering, we provide them with a quick, accurate evaluation of the situation, as well as a thorough recommendation for repairs. Modjeski and Masters offers a variety of specialized emergency bridge services, including investigations for bridge collapses, vessel collisions and any other event that can jeopardize the structural integrity, and safety, of a bridge.

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100 Sterling Parkway, Suite 302
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
(717) 790-9565

Modjeski and Masters is recognized as one of the world’s leading bridge engineering firms. Our technical expertise in bridge design, inspection and rehabilitation sets the standards for the rest of the industry to follow. We offer our clients a full range of services, including fixed bridge design, movable bridge design, bridge inspection services, highways and interchanges, bridge research, vessel collision evaluation and design, bridge code development, bridge modeling and bridge design visualization. We are committed to building relationships with our clients that continue throughout the life cycle of a bridge. For more information, contact the Modjeski and Masters office closest to you.


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